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Igor Lopasovsky

I am front-end developer and designer. It took me 9 years working for corporations and 3 and half years traveling around the world to find my passion for web development. I love discovering new technologies and approaches. Most of the projects I have been working on are built on Laravel and WordPress. am also one of four WordPress GTEs (Global Translation Editors) in Slovakia and co-organizer of the biggest WordPress conference in Slovakia, WordCamp Bratislava. You can find more information about my experience on my Linkedin profile.
I have been very lucky to work and cooperate on the projects for the biggest companies and agencies in Slovakia. This taught me to be picky and choose the best technologies out there. Every project is unique but Laravel and Sass with BEM methodology are almost always the essence for most of them. For every project I cooperate with like-minded graphic and UX designers and place very high importance on SEO, security and performance audits. I also offer clients the advisory about choosing the right hosting or migration of wtheir eb site and email accounts.

Web design
and development


I offer my clients regular and complete maintenance and management of their web solution which is especially important for WordPress web sites. This service includes configuration, regular installation of updates and full backup solution. Not many people realize how vulnerable all webs are without proper configuration and regular maintenance. Most of the attacks come from bots and their goal is not only stealing of client's data. In the most cases it's about hacking of the web site itself and consequently sharing of malware and sending of spam messages throught client's domain. This usually results with domain's blacklisting, all emails considered as spam and the whole business brand is seriously threatened. Resolving these consequences is usually very painful and without regular backups most of the time even impossible. Finances spent on prevention are therefore the most valuable investment here.
Creating original web site often requires original images. For many of my projects I shoot custom photos to express the mood of the client as closely as possible. I have lot of experience with shooting of building interiors, such as restaurants and hotels but also attend different events like concerts. Besides that I often shoot product photos in the studio, mainly for the usage on social media. I use professional Sony A7 II mirrorless camera with various lenses to get the best image quality possible.



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