LJ Studio - '17 - NOW
Scuba Iceland - '17 - '17'
Hewlett-Packard - '10 - '14
Frontend Developer
Freelancer, 2017 - NOW
New and exciting world full of creativity and endless options. I'm loving it.
Scuba Diving Instructor
Scuba Iceland, 2017 - 2017
Over 8 months as scuba diving instructor in one of the most beautiful places in the world.
World Traveler
World, 2014 - 2017
Central America, Austrian Alps, from Slovakia, through Russia and China all the way to Philippines over the land.
Windows Server Engineer
Hewlett-Packard, 2010 - 2014
Working with top technologies for the biggest companies in the world.
Windows Server Administrator
Gratex International, 2005 - 2010
Introduction to my new world full of server technologies and Windows systems.
Telecommunication & Internet Technologies
Technikum Wien, 2012 - 2014
Second master degree on one of the best technical universities in Austria.
Information Technologies
University of Economics Bratislava, 2002 - 2008
First master degree oriented on information technologies in business.
Igor Lopasovsky

Frontend Developer helping to build more accessible web.

Inclusive design
Progressive enhancement


It took me 9 years working for corporations and 3 and half years traveling around the world to find my passion for web development and finally do a job I enjoy. What I absolutely love about frontend are the endless options there are right now. Unfortunately, that also means I have to choose certain technologies I want to be good at. For me it's good HTML, SCSS, Laravel or BEM but I also try to put a lot of effort into accessibility and inclusive design. These are the things which help me to build websites for everyone. In the past I was one of four slovakian WordPress GTEs (Global Translation Editors) and co-organizer of the biggest WordPress conference in Slovakia but I try to avoid WordPress these days as there are better technologies out there. You can find more information about my experience on my LinkedIn profile.


Asseco Solutions

Client: Asseco Solutions
Role: Frontend developer
Redesign of home page for one of the biggest IT system developers in Europe operating in 7 different countries.
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Asseco Easy

Client: Asseco Solutions
Role: Frontend developer
New website for ERP solution developed by Asseco Solutions company.
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Einpark Offices

Client: Corwin
Role: Frontend and backend developer
Website for EINPARK Offices building which as first building in Slovakia meets the Leed Platinum certification.
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Expres Premium

Client: Radio Expres
Role: Frontend developer
Loyalty system for one of the most listened radio in Slovakia.
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ANKL Barbiers

Client: ANKL Barbiers
Role: Frontend and backend developer, photographer
Brand new website for one of the oldest barber shops in Slovakia. This is definitely the most rewarding project I have been working on.
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Client: Branderosa
Role: Frontend and backend developer
"Digital destination for stylish girl bosses" as my friend and owner of this stylish blog likes to say.
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Role: Frontend and backend developer
Redesign of home page for one of the biggest and most active NGOs in Slovakia involved in the biggest legal issues.
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AMI Communications

Client: AMI Communications
Role: Frontend and backend developer
Redesign of home page for one of the strongest PR agencies in Slovakia.
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Client: Fumee
Role: Frontend developer
Eshop for organic essential oils, pure natural cosmetics and related accessories.
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Client: Premium Stuff
Role: Frontend developer
Eshop for nordic design furniture made from natural materials.
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Client: Botsurfer
Role: Frontend developer
Home page and admin interface for chatbot platform developed and maintained in Slovakia.
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Tvoje víno

Client: Tvoje víno
Role: Frontend developer
Complete redesign of the biggest eshop with histamine free wines in Slovakia.
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Angels Restaurant

Client: Angels Restaurant
Role: Frontend developer and photographer
Website for luxury restaurant in Banska Bystrica. This project also includes a lot of photoshooting.
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MFK Dukla

Client: MFK Dukla
Role: Frontend developer and photographer
Brand new home page for football team MFK Dukla Banska Bystrica.
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Client: SVAP
Role: Backend developer and photographer
Brand new home page for one of the most distinguished lawyer's office in Bratislava.
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QEX Digital

Client: QEX Digital
Role: Frontend and backend developer
New website for digital marketing agency specializing in design, marketing and media.
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Oscar Cargo

Client: Oscar Cargo
Role: Frontend and backend developer, photographer
Brand new website for family owned transportation and logistic company in Slovakia.
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Ivan Štefanec

Client: Ivan Štefanec
Role: Frontend and backend developer
New website for Ivan Stefanec, member of European Parliament who represents Slovakia.
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Long distance biking

I've tried almost all types of biking - from downhill, through enduro and pumptracks to long distance biking. It's no surprise that the latest is my favourite one as it combines everything I love in one package - adventure, exploration, slow traveling and biking.


My love for mountains became deeper only later in my life but it's one of the most important things I have. I've always loved snowboarding but spliboarding suddenly opened a completely new world to me. Feeling of ski walking and fresh powder is very hard to beat.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving was on my bucket list for a very long but who would imagine that few years later I will become PADI Instructor. There's no other similar thing as scuba diving on this earth. That feeling of weightless and silence is so unique. The most beautiful place I've ever dived is definitely Iceland where I worked as instructor for 8 months.


I felt in love with photography long time ago thanks to my grandpa who was avid photographer his whole life. I still use one of his cameras Shinon SR-II to this day. Besides that I love using my GoPro Hero III, iPhone X but mainly Sony A7II. That camera is just pure beast. Most of the shooting I do is part of my Travel My Homeland project.
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